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Chinese Food Culture

The food culture of China is as rich as it's history and with plenty of regional diversity, there is always something to delight any taste buds.  Chinese cuisine are divided into two well known distinctive styles, The North and The South. 

The traditional northern dishes consists of predominantly of noodles, steam buns and dumpling dishes, with an abundant use of vinegar, garlic and aromatic oils.  The style of southern cooking make use of chilli peppers and is characterised by the freshness and tenderness of the ingredients.  They tend to favour a sweet and spicy taste.  Rice dishes are extremely popular which includes rice cakes, rice noodles and congee.
Colour and aroma is an important aspect of chinese cooking, the aroma plays the important role of increasing the appetite of the individual.  Ingredients such as scallions chillies, garlic, wine, star anise, cinnamon, and sesame oil, are just some the ingredients for creating a rich and fragrant aroma, in chinese cuisine.

Chinese people are highly conscious regarding their health, not only do they pay extreme attention to presentation, aroma and taste, they also pay equal attention to the nutritional value of the food that they consume.  As stated in ancient theory of the harmonization of foods which identified the five favours of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, piquant and saltiness, as the body's basic nutritional needs in relation to the main five major organs of the body.


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